Marks and Spencers, vegan, plant based range.

Mark’s and Spencer’s are (NOT) killing it with their new plant kitchen range for Veganuary ( see what I did there 😉😂🌱🐷🐰🐮♥️)
Plant based food from M&S
What is Plant Kitchen?
Whether you’re going vegan, avoiding meat and dairy or simply enjoy incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, our new Plant Kitchen range means you’ll never have to compromise on taste.  Expertly developed by our chefs, every product is rigorously benchmarked so it tastes just as good or even better than its meaty counterpart.  From fuss-free prepared meals to scratch-cooking ingredients and sweet treats, there’s something for everyone – pop in store to discover the whole range!  Giving Veganuary a go? Download our handy planner to enjoy 31 days of vegan inspiration

Sustainable diets
Find out about how embracing more plant-based foods can help reduce your impact on the planet

And my personal favourite 😋 😋
Plant Kitchen vanilla-flavour marshmallows

Our first-ever vegan marshmallows are fluffy, delicious and made without gelatine! Toast on the barbie, dip into dark chocolate or use to make s’mores or rocky road

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