Why is my hair orange, when I asked for ash brown?

Ash brown hair lighten your hair Natulique organic


Whenever you lighten your hair, you can be sure of one thing; you will always expose warmth in your hair. It’s a matter of science. Hair contains underlying pigments. If your hair is dark brown, the underlying pigment is red; lighter brown, its orange and for blonde hair, it’s yellow. 

When your artificial colour starts to fade, these underlying pigments are exposed, changing your ashy tones to brassy tones within a matter of days or weeks depending on a variety of factors, including the products you use, how often you wash your hair, if you swim and how much sun or heat your hair is exposed to.

Certain products contain cheap sulphates that will strip your colour out quickly.

Natulique use only the safest, natural, organic and low-tox ingredients which will help to prolong the life of your colour, We recommend colour shield hair wash, colour shield conditioner, intensive mask, heat and sun protector and nourishing hair cream.

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