Nathalie Dennison

Nathalie Dennison

Tel: 07824 506375

As well as being an all round awesome person, Nathalie is an excellent hairdresser. She’s been in the industry for 25 years and has a loyal following. She is a precision cutter and offers a wide variety of classic and artistic colouring. 

Natalie has worked at high-end salons for many years and we are very lucky to have such a professional, down to earth and stylish member at team Delandro.Hair



                        Price list



          Ladies Cut and Blow Dry- £50

          Gents Cut and Finish- £30


          Under 10s - Girls £20 / Boys £15

          10-15 - Girls £30 / Boys £20

          16+ full price

          Blow Dry- £25

          Blow Dry after colour- £20

          Curling- £25

          Hair-up- £45


          Full Head Highlights- £75

          Half Head Highlights - £65

          Crown and parting- £55

          Balayage- £75

          Full Head Tint- £55

          Regrowth Tint- £45

          Toner- £20

          Intensive mask- £10